fitness for your lifestyle

Our mission is to help you achieve your personal fitness goals while attaining the necessary tools needed to lead a long, healthy and happy life.

What is Team Fitness Training:

Team Fitness Training, Inc is a mobile personal training and nutritional consulting service specializing in fitness for your lifestyle. We know that today’s fast paced and ever changing world leaves little time to spare, but with Team Fitness Training we will help you find a way to fit your health and fitness needs into your everyday life. We believe being active and healthy is essential for the wellness of one’s body and mind. So, don’t wait another minute, join one of Team Fitness Training’s outstanding services (personal training, group training, boot camp, nutritional consulting) today to see how you can incorporate fitness into your life and reach your goals. You are worth it.

Why Team Fitness Training:

Team Fitness Training, Inc was created because of several different factors:

1. GENUINE health concerns for people.

With obesity, diabetes and Coronary Artery Disease on the rise the public needs to understand health and wellness in a manner that is fun and motivating in order to incorporate health into one's everyday life. Together we can put an end to some of these self-induced illnesses.

2. Exercising should be fun.

Thinking back to our childhood memories, life appeared to be so easy and effortless. The only concern was what activity to participate in and with whom. Staying active and healthy was not an issue as a child, so why should that change as we get older; it shouldn’t! We are providing an opportunity to recreate our childhood activities through health and fitness. We create team building exercises while achieving your goals: building strength, toning muscle, losing weight, etc… all while having FUN! We have created a positive place for people to unite in a large city and feel a sense of belonging.

3. Utilizing Los Angeles’ natural beauties as our playground.

The state of California has brought millions of transplants to reside within its boarders. All for the same reasons; the ocean, the brilliant sunshine (almost 365 days per year), the mountains, entertainment and living a healthy and active lifestyle. Team Fitness Training believes in utilizing the natural beauties we have been provided by giving each workout at an outdoor location.

4. Turning a negative into a positive.

The final reason Team Fitness Training was created is due to personal experiences within gyms and or existing boot camps. I have witnessed the lack of personal attention each client deserves and feel that the underlying purpose or drive for helping others has been lost. With Team Fitness Training each and every client will be given the best personal care wether it be personal training, group training, boot camp or nutritional consulting. Workouts are personalized based on a macrocycle, mesocycle, microcycle, thus meaning we are prepared for each and every workout.

Team Fitness Training is here for you and your health and fitness needs.

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Personal Trainer, Amanda Pratt, and Santa Monica boot camp at Clover Park
Team Fitness Training boot camp performing speed and agility drills during intense boot camp workout
Personal training client running the Santa Monica Stairs in Santa Monica, Ca.